Sharp includes uprights in vac line expansion

PARAMUS, NJ–Sharp Electronics’ three stage entry into the vacuum cleaner market will be completed next Fall with the addition of five uprights, three pastel-colored canisters and three powerhead canisters and one turbine unit.

According to Mike Williamson, national sales manager, “Since the introduction of stage one last February, our major concentration in distribution has been with individual retailers. With the unveiling of a fu ll line of cleaners next year we will be able to go to other areas of distribution.

“Our plans,” Williamson stressed, “are to be an influence in the marketplace with something a little different, and our decision to divide our introductions into three stages was necessary for us to get our sales force and distribution network established.”

The canisters in stage one of Sharp’s vacuum cleaner line have been labeled “the quiet line.” Williamson noted u nits in stage two and three will also feature a quiet muffler and lightweight plastic construction. Each model in stage one weighs less than 11-1/2 pounds. “What we have tried to do is meet the needs of the consumer by making vaccum cleaning easier and more pleasant,” he said.

Stage one units also feature a “permanent dustbag,” a removable cartridge for dirt collection. “A cartridge saves money on replacing bags, as well as minimizing the mess involed in emptying a bag,” Williamson explained. “Our cleaners even indicated when iths time to empty the cartridge.”

By the end of February Sharp will introduce its stage two cleaners, three pastel-colored canisters, three canisters with electronic power heads and one turbine canister. These u nits will also feature internal tool storage.

The pastel cleaners lead the stage two introductions, Williamson noted. However, they are being introduced as a test situation. “My feeling is that finer department stores are the types of stores that might have an interest in this line.” The line features green, white and pink units with gray trim.


The technological design of the pastels will be the same as Sharp’s EC-6310 unit. This was one of the three units included in stage one. It features 800 watts of power, a three quart dust cup, single touch cord rewind system and four cleaning accessories.

Sharp will try to convince retailers to purchase all three pastel cleaners “to create a total merchandising picture,” Williamson said.

Stage three will be introduced by next Summer. This stage features five lightweight uprights with motor bypass systems, which allow units to pick up foreign objects without damaging motor parts.

With more than 300 Sharp products reinforcing the company’s commitment to the U.S. market, Williamson’s job of pushing Sharp cleaners is made that much easier. “We’re gearing our product for the American market. We will be able to create an awareness in the consumer, and the same quality that follows through in microwave ovens will carry over into vacuum cleaners.”

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