American Grill Stylish Display

At the new American Grill & Bar restaurant in Phoenix, opened last summer by Big 4 Restaurants, Inc., two separate exhibition cooking areas have been integrated into the 170-seat dining and drinking areas of the facility, supported by a third area for preparation, storage, and dishwashing. All three kitchens have been designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency in menu concept and execution, utilizing component rather than custommade equipment for a relatively low front-end investment. This design format, in addition to dramatically increasing the American Grill’s marketability, has enabled its creators to develop the actual menu as the project advanced.

Observes Mike Lopercio, director of food operations for Big 4: “A problem encountered in designing menus today is the high degree of customer fatigue. The more you can change and evolve a menu, the better competitive edge you have.’ [Read more…]